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zero chemicals

Nature's Favourite

a recipe for a chemical-free lifestyle

We are a small, home-run business that is passionate about the environment and providing a chemical-free skincare option. we love what we do and that love reflects in each bar of soap! Our recipes were designed for the use of a relative who suffers from MCS/IEI. This condition makes him hypersensitive to chemicals and fragrances. Although we know each case is different we hope others who also suffer from MCS can use our products and that we can make a very difficult condition a little easier.

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Handmade with an organic olive oil base and a mixture of skin-soothing oils. our soap is free from chemicals, fragrances, artificial colourants and preservatives. We strongly believe in being kind to our environment as far as possible, starting with the products we use on our skin.

The benefits of going chemical-free

Most everyday soaps are created using petroleum-based lathering agents, dyes and preservatives. These harsh chemicals speed up the curing process so they can be sold faster, while ignoring the long term effects on your skin. Our all-natural soaps take 6 weeks to cure but the result is a silky smooth, creamy bar of soap that cleans and moisturizes without doing any damage.

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